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Difficulty losing weight? The combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy for weight loss is a powerful technique to overcome food issues and lose weight. You really want to be slimmer. You know what gets in the way. Why can't you stop doing something you don't want to want to do anymore? Hypnotherapy can get you to where you want to be, once and for all.

Hypnotherapy shows you how to embrace food and make it work for you - not against you. Food is a friend, not an enemy. It's the fuel that powers you around your day. You CAN lose weight, look forward to meals and enjoy them. You CAN get back to normal.


Losing weight

It can also be challenging and demanding - if you allow it to be. But get it right, and weight loss can be one of the most rewarding and healthy steps you can take for yourself.

It can also be simple, much easier than you probably imagined and can leave you feeling absolutely terrific.

Have you ever wondered why it can be so difficult to stop doing something you don't want to do any more? However illogical, it can seem impossible to discard unwanted habits that may be holding you back. It's not a lack of willpower or discipline. It's not physical hunger. It's Emotional Hunger and it's your mind telling you to eat, not your body.

Hypnotherapy is effective because it accesses your unconscious mind, and enables you to disconnect all the old thoughts and habits that hold you back. It can also inspire you and motivate you to lose weight, once and for all, easily, effortlessly and naturally.


Losing weight

Many would-be-slimmers suffer from what are known as Paradoxical Intentions: one part of your mind would love to lose weight but the other part of your mind continually sabotages the process. People tend to sabotage their own weight loss for many reasons. It is certainly not about a lack of willpower. It can be a way of avoiding other issues, sometimes it can be simply disliking the idea of starting yet another diet When you diet to lose weight this can often turn into a kind of penance, a punishment for putting on weight. But why should you suffer a punishment when you haven't done anything wrong? You have just been unlucky. Some people eat what they want and never gain weight.

When someone feels low, for whatever reason, food represents a great comforter. It can fill a space when you don't know what else to do. Overeating becomes a reward. Food is a soporific so it sedates, making you feel sleepy when you eat a lot, which has the effect of soothing sensitive feelings. Of course, this is a very general view and reasons vary from one individual to another. But whatever the reason, this gets in the way of your weight loss, time and time again.

What I do know is that eating for comfort is a much-used phrase which has somehow acquired a label that doesn't really fit. After all, eating when you don't want to doesn't make you feel better or more comfortable. In fact, it can make you feel worse.

When a person feels out of control of their own behaviour it can be the result of dieting on and off over a number of years. Dieting can destroy the natural mechanism that makes us listen to our body signals. We no longer identify physical hunger which tells us to eat we are hungry and stop when we are comfortably full. Food begins to dominate thoughts.

Emotional Hunger can be very demanding and constant dieting makes it difficult to differentiate between the two. Also, restricting and denying ourselves food goes against our natural instincts. After all, we emerged from our caves with the prime motivation of hunting for food each day. Food is the fuel that powers you around your day.

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