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I specialise in Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to lose weight, stop smoking, gain confidence, deal with anxiety and panic at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Our conscious minds are all reason and logic. Our unconscious minds run on pure emotion and have no concept of time. The word emotion comes from 'motor' meaning to move, drive, motivate. No wonder these powerful forces direct our lives and govern how we feel from day to day.


If you ever wanted an excellent example of mind and body connections you need look no further than the different hormones which affect all our thoughts and actions. The wider understanding of our brain chemistry and endocrine system has shown how the secretions of hormones through our blood stream maintains our system's delicate balance. Around fifty have already been identified and science is still discovering more.


Hormones are extremely complex soluble chemical substances secreted by the endocrine glands which act as messengers, Each one carries its own specific code which can only be interpreted by its 'target' organ and between them, form a sophisticated communication system, regulating the rates at which various processes take place.

They are the guardians of the body's internal environment. There are growth hormones and reproductive hormones, pain-relieving hormones and energy-producing hormones, as well as hormones that control the amount of calcium in bones, glucose in blood and cortisone which defends against disease.

When there is an imbalance, the subsequent detrimental effect on the body can lead to serious problems like heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and many more related conditions. The effect on the mind can lead to violent mood swings and depression, elation and euphoria.

Louis Pasteur introduced the idea that disease always has a specific cause. For instance, tuberculosis comes from the tubercle bacillus, rabies from the rabies virus. However, this theory fails in the light of the fact that hormones are often activated and affected by emotion. In other words, a physical reaction to a mental stimulus, a mind-body reaction.

Our emotional wiring depends on these messenger molecules because their receptors are found throughout the immune defence system as well as other organs in the body and serve as mediators to our thoughts and feelings. This means they also hold the key to our emotional response to illness.

The activity of every organ in the body can be traced back through the nervous system which highlights how important their balance is to our state of mind. These nerves which ultimately connect to the brain can trigger physical reactions to heat and cold, pain and fear, anger, anxiety and excitement.

Extreme anxiety produces trembling, agitation, insomnia, nausea, fainting and panic attacks. Extreme fear floods the body with adrenalin, sets the heart racing, produces a dry mouth and excessive sweating, even blocks pain. Often the very worst injuries shock and numb the senses and pain only sets in much later. Sometimes patients complain of pain long after a limb has been amputated because the brain has not severed the neuro-transmitters that transfer such signals.

Nervousness and tension send extra adrenalin surging through the system. Performers will deliberately cling to this 'edge' before going on stage, convinced this state of mind adds to their performance claiming complacency would do the opposite. School examinations or driving tests produce a similar flow of adrenalin, sharpening concentration and focussing energy.

Watching an inspiring film or play, meeting someone whose conversation is fun and entertaining, spending time with good friends in an atmosphere of warmth, induce emotional responses of warmth and pleasure. These are the feel-good factors, naturally produced endorphins which can also be set off by exercise, known as 'athlete's high' and similar activities or achievements. These same endorphins are also the body's natural pain-killers.

You only have to look at a couple in love to realise what an incredible effect their emotional state has had on their physical bodies. They seem to walk three feet off the ground, they have no time or appetite to eat and the excitement of being with one another makes their adrenalin flow and extends their energy way beyond their normal level.

Quite how long anyone can survive in such a state of suspended animation is debatable and the reality is that everything in their system that has speeded up eventually calms down once the initial euphoria has run its course. It doesn't mean that once this happens the couple no longer love one another. It is simply the body's natural mechanism exercising its option and bringing peace and tranquillity to restore equilibrium.

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