What can I say that reflects how much you have done for me? I feel almost re-born and above all I intend to working hard to stay that way. I have through your help, guidance, council and hypnotherapy managed something I did not believe was possible...left the past behind. I plan to keep writing as you suggest, in fact just spent the last hour reading all that you sent me, and saved these emails into a file that I can refer to as I see the need (once an engineer...). I am likely to see you again; I’m guessing there will be challenges arising that will test the newly born me and I feel blessed to have you to turn to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a very special person.
Meanwhile here’s to a happy, wonderful Christmas to you and Mike, and a badger filled New Year!
As one of your ‘occasionals’ I feel able to come to you for help, but have not felt the necessity to actually do so. The reason is you gave me something more precious than I can describe: contentment. Despite a very challenging year with the sale of my company and family challenges, I remain less hard on myself and so easier (on me and my loved ones) and even with the occasional ‘blip’ have techniques to turn to, techniques that you gave me and that work more than they do not. I reiterate what I said more than a year ago: Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I really do believe that you saved my bacon (you can quote me on that!).
K.B. Surrey

I went to see Lulu after suffering for many years with an under active thyroid and all the side effects that entails. I was very low and had put on weight that I was not comfortable with. The main aim of seeing Lulu was to kick start a new nutritious meal plan and exercise regime and working with her was both reassuring, exciting and realistic in terms of goals and targets.
It took me 9 months to regain all energy and to arrive in my 40th year at the same weight as when I was 18!! What a thrill and although it was individual hard work that got me there physically it was definitely with the mental support of Lulu that I achieved what I thought was not possible. Thank you so so much Lulu and I will be back.
V.K. Surrey

Just wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me today. It was a pleasure chatting with you, and I always come away with some new insight which is great - I feel more positive this afternoon albeit a little spaced out!
H.B. Surrey

I’ve tried most of the diets ever invented over the last twenty years and although I lost weight, it all came back on - and then some. Lulu adjusted my whole attitude to food and I lost 15 kilos (33 lbs) over 10 weeks. I’m thrilled because everyone here believes they have THE perfect diet and now they’re amazed and want to know how I did this. The weight has stayed off and I feel fantastic!
SP. Los Angeles, USA

I totally recommend Lulu Appleton - thanks to her professional care she helped me deal some issues I had been trying to cope with unsuccessfully for a long time. It was finally the therapy that really worked.
C.C. New York, USA

Before meeting Lulu over a course of a few months, I was in a difficult place, which took its toll on me emotionally and physically. But then something changed, I was able to face my demons face on, approach people I wasn't able to previously, and moreover do it with my head held high. Something inside me fundamentally changed and my world lit up that bit more. Thank you Lulu for everything that you helped me with.
P.P. London

I contacted Lulu at a troubled stage of my life where I couldn't deal with my problems myself or with my friends and what I really needed was an objective perspective. Lulu was that and so much more. From the start, she was considerate and thoughtful and immediately made me feel at ease.
I found the hypnotherapy sessions really relaxed me, helped me to focus and overall I felt more positive and gained confidence as a result. Lulu is a great person to talk to and she helped me to get to the root of my problems and also think about the present and the future too - which was most helpful during a time where I felt I had no direction.
Overall I look back on the times spent with Lulu as extremely positive and, dare I say it, life changing. I have recommended her to several friends and they all enjoyed the sessions and found them as useful as I did.
Once again - thanks Lulu!
R.S. London
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