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Are you a teenager experiencing anxiety, panic, stress, fear or worry?

The combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy helps you confront your fears and alleviate the power they have over you.We can grasp fears with our minds, but anxiety grips us from within. Anxiety is not a condition - it's a symptom. The brain is signalling that something is not right. Don't allow yourself to enter victim mode.

Fear is a bully and if you face it, it backs down.


We all experience anxiety from time to time. But anxiety among teenagers is one of the most common issues affecting young people.

Teenage anxiety can be overwhelming, taking over young lives. Anxiety is about fear. Free-floating fear is often the result of constant anxiety, whether low level or severe.

This is very isolating and can lead to panic attacks which seem to happen for no obvious reason. Eventually, there is a fear of the places where a panic attack happened as well as a fear of the attack itself. Being out of control of your own behaviour is very frightening.

The fact that there is an ever-present anxiety in day to day life can be extremely stressful. When there is no logical reason for their anxiety, a teenager might try to rationalise it by finding something to blame.

This can turn into a phobia, which is a very real fear, but no t necessarily logical. It can be a fear of going out or mixing socially. There could be obsessiveness over their physical appearance, a fear of catching something, of being contaminated by dirt, which leads to compulsively washing and cleaning.

Today’s anxious teenager can hide behind an invisible screen, surfing the internet for friends, expressing opinions and some of the misery caused by unseen ‘trolls’ comes from deeply unhappy, confused teens. Without eye to eye contact, these teenagers can become anyone they want to be which is often light years from the real world. Their bewilderment becomes part of their anxiety.

Just existing day to day in a stressed state can leave an individual drained and exhausted, thoughts muddled and confused, worries going round and round in their mind.

Teenagers are vulnerable to all kinds of pressures and their anxiety can be hidden behind a facade. But however they conceal their anxiety, it is still a huge burden to carry around, pretending to themselves as well as the outside world, that no problems exist.

Bottling up emotions simply makes them seem worse than they are, and it’s much healthier to bring them out into the open and talk about them. This brings them into perspective, making them ‘rightsize’, helping to remove the distortion they may have taken on inside the mind.

Hypnotherapy allows a person to free themselves from their fears, whether real or imagined, and instead of miserably fearing the worst, they can get on with their lives and make the most of each day.

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