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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

The combination of these two therapies produces one of the most powerful and dynamic techniques. When used together, they deliver the fastest, safest and most effective results.

Take a look at this list, below. It shows just a few of the many ways you can make life-improving changes with hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Now imagine what these therapies can do for you.


Everything you think or do, since the time you are born right up to the present day is logged in that vast computer which is the unconscious mind, and the thoughts you access and the thoughts you repress are determined by your Private Logic.

This personal reasoning, unlike Common Sense, has no rational basis, and is formed from all the people and experiences that have influenced you in your life. This is called your Experiential Field.

It begins to form when we are children, and accept unquestioningly all the information we are given by the most influential people in our life, such as parents, teachers, priests. Attitudes and emotional reactions tend to stem from all these experiences of life and the emotions they are linked to are the emotions that colour our thoughts.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Since we all have such a unique life experience, we all start our thinking from very different places, with different perceptions of the same situation. If ten people witness an incident, the police may well have as many as ten different versions of what happened.

Childhood is an incredibly impressionable time. What happens then stays with us for life. Ask people where they call home and they might well name the place where they grew up. Our parents become role models which is why we often repeat their behaviours, absorb their opinions, take their attitudes with us into our adult world.

If your own actions occasionally frustrate and bewilder you, it is quite probably because the motivation behind such puzzling behaviour comes partly from genetics and partly from your Private Logic. When you are not brought up by your birth mother, this makes it even more confusing.

Thoughts and behaviours can run in patterns, like old television programmes. Ideally, if you change the old programme for a new, fresher one, you then stop reinforcing the tired, worn out ones that have been pulling you down. The unconscious mind holds on to these thoughts and behaviour patterns that belong way back in our past, but have the power to impact on what we do today.

One of the reasons they have survived is that every time they are repeated, they are reinforced. They then grow stronger as a result of this constant reinforcement. If these patterns can be identified a strategy can be developed to deal with them.


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