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I specialise in Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to lose weight, stop smoking, gain confidence, deal with anxiety and panic at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Our conscious minds are all reason and logic. Our unconscious minds run on pure emotion and have no concept of time. The word emotion comes from 'motor' meaning to move, drive, motivate. No wonder these powerful forces direct our lives and govern how we feel from day to day.


Most of us are aware of mind-body links and how one impacts on the other and particularly so, when it comes to our health. A hundred years ago, new psychological theories could only speculate and surmise but today's advanced medical knowledge means these connections can be demonstrated with scientific evidence.

But this scientific proof still perceives two elements - the mind and the body which ignores the elaborate complexity within our minds. Yet the reality is simple.

Think of energy: it's everywhere in our world and if we could see it, we would not be able to see anything else. Then divide the mind into energy bodies. One is emotional, another is mental and another is spiritual. Then allow for the fact that two thirds of our thoughts are hidden from our conscious awareness and we are left with one third of ourselves actually knowing what it is doing.

Then add the fact that this mental energy - the mechanical processes we call the brain - has been operating on the same programme that Stone Age man used and you will realise that we are getting the same signals and reacting the same way as he did, but in vastly different circumstances.

Faced with fear, the brain floods the body with adrenalin because Stone Age man had to fight or flee but modern man, civilised, socialised and educated, has other options. He may use persuasion, manipulation or intellectual supremacy over his opponent. But all that surplus adrenalin speeding around his system has nowhere to go.

Stone Age man would have been fine. After expending all the energy the extra adrenalin delivered, his body's natural healing processes would have restored the balance our bodies need to remain in good health. But today we rarely correct such imbalances.

Conventional modern medicine is allopathic, which means that when our physical body is suffering from an illness, treatment is aimed at individual symptoms, which are experienced physically.

In contrast, holistic medicine takes the mind-body links into account before deciding on a remedy. It's rather like taking a step back in order to get a broader view of a person rather than isolating individual parts of their body for healing. Holism sees the whole as greater than the sum of the parts.

If someone has a headache they might take an aspirin for instant relief, but if they continue to suffer from headaches, they need to ask themselves why they have them, because otherwise that aspirin is just treating a symptom.

The pain may go temporarily, but without discovering the cause of the problem, they have not healed themselves, but simply awarded themselves a brief respite from the pain.

If the cause of those headaches does not come from the physical body, the logical assumption is that the origin lies within the mind. So what should be done about it? There is nothing wrong with taking an aspirin and buying a little time. We live in a modern, fast-paced world and if we have commitments to meet, an aspirin provides an expedient solution.

But healing the mind? That is something much deeper and more significant because true self-healing treats the whole of you, which includes all your four energy bodies - your physical body, and your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Removing pain and finding out why you have become ill is only part of the healing process. As with Stone Age man, natural healing restores balance to your entire system, taking you back to where you were before any symptoms of illness or pain even emerged, back to the place where you were whole.

This then, is the truest meaning of holistic spiritual healing, where all the parts of you have healed to restore the whole person.

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