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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

The combination of these two therapies produces one of the most powerful and dynamic techniques. When used together, they deliver the fastest, safest and most effective results.

Take a look at this list, below. It shows just a few of the many ways you can make life-improving changes with hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Now imagine what these therapies can do for you.

Life will always throw up problems and no one can predict what these will be and when they will happen. What you can learn is not to allow them to become distorted so they absorb and overwhelm you. Instead, you can find ways to deal with them, objectively, intelligently, and importantly, without losing perspective.


Hypnotherapy has to be one of the most natural, pleasant experiences, which takes you to a layer of conscious that lies between sleep and wakefulness.This is the layer you enter before you go to sleep at night and the layer you are in when you wake up in the morning. When a session ends, you are restored and revitalized with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy helps you disconnect negative thoughts and beliefs and replace them with new, positive ones that are about your life today. If you have lost confidence, hypnotherapy can help you rediscover it as well as self-belief. You can make each day the best it can be.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Our conscious minds are all reason and logic. But the unconscious mind has no concept of time and runs on pure emotion. It governs the way we feel from day to day. If the issue that troubled us was just in our conscious mind, we could stop this minute.

Hypnotherapy can help you let go of negative and unproductive emotions like anger or resentment, because they will block you and stop you moving forward, causing you even more emotional conflict. Releasing them releases you and allows you to be free.

The unconscious mind is incredibly powerful and we use some 80-85 percent compared to 15 per cent of our conscious mind in any one day. When used together, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy help you understand what's going on with you which helps you move on. You cannot change the past any more than you can predict the future. But what you can do is use your life experiences, however hard, as positive guides for your life today.

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