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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

The combination of these two therapies produces one of the most powerful and dynamic techniques. When used together, they deliver the fastest, safest and most effective results.

In fact, there are numerous ways you can make life-improving changes with hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.


Hypnotherapy has to be one of the most natural, pleasant experiences, which takes you to a layer of consciousness that lies between sleep and wakefulness. This is the layer you enter before you go to sleep at night and the layer you are in when you get up in the morning. When the session is over, you are restored and reinvigorated with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

A combination of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy is a powerful and effective method of discarding things you don't want in your life and identifying the things you want to achieve. That's why the simplest changes, once explained, can make a massive difference and turn your life around.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Our conscious minds are all reason and logic but the unconscious mind runs on pure emotion. If the issue that troubled us was just in our conscious mind, we could stop this minute. Since hypnotherapy accesses the unconscious mind, it can disconnect the old thoughts and behaviours that you no longer want - but found you have been unable to stop. The unconscious mind is incredibly powerful and guides the way we feel from day to day. We use some 80 per cent of our unconscious mind each day compared with around 15 per cent of our conscious mind.


If you have been sabotaging your own efforts, this goes some way to explaining why, whether it's to lose weight, stop panic attacks, become more confident - hypnotherapy can help you with a variety of problems and do away with bewilderment and misery. It's not about a lack of willpower.


Psychotherapy helps you understand why we think what we think and do what we do. You gain greater understanding about yourself and others. All the aspects of your life such as childhood, work life and personal life do not exist in isolation but are indelibly linked. What you learned as a child came from the people who were your earliest influences such as parents, teachers and priests as well as the kind of life you led. Most of us take these beliefs and attitudes with us into our adult world. That's why we all tend to start our thinking from different places so how we see the world may be very different to the way the world sees us

The goal of therapy is to enable you to help yourself to a better quality of life: to identify and overcome any problems which have been preventing you from achieving this.

Thoughts and behaviours can run in patterns, like old television programmes. Ideally, if you change the old programme for a new, fresher one, you then stop reinforcing the tired, worn out ones that have been limiting you. You can then begin replacing them and create your own positive reality. Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy help you move on. You cannot change the past and you cannot predict the future and we all have to face problems at some time in our lives and psychotherapy help you move on.

But what you can change is the way you react to events. You change your perceptions, so that when you look back at yesterday, you look through today's eyes.

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