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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

The combination of these two therapies produces one of the most powerful and dynamic techniques. When used together, they deliver the fastest, safest and most effective results.

Take a look at this list, below. It shows just a few of the many ways you can make life-improving changes with hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Now imagine what these therapies can do for you.


We have powerful emotions from childhood which can last all through our lives. Even if these emotions occurred when we were too small to have a vocabulary, the unconscious mind can retain the memory of the emotion even though the words to describe the situation did not yet exist.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Every emotion we experience has its origins in a real situation, becoming part of our unique Field of Experience. But when these emotions stem from childhood, by the time we are adults, the situations that provoked such feelings no longer have the same power. What happens to a child may not be likely to happen to an adult.

However, the mind keeps this emotion as it always has - but now it is distorted out of proportion. What was a normal fearful reaction many years ago has taken on a dimension that is now totally unwarranted.

The trouble is that every time that fear overwhelms, it is reinforced and its grip becomes stronger. Each subsequent anxiety attack diminishes a little bit more, leaving you out of control and unable to dispel it. All you want to do is get through the attack and there is no way that logic or reason at this stage will be of help.

The brain creates a 'pattern matching' response. In other words, it becomes coded through its previous memories and experiences and therefore expects the same response to the anxiety trigger when faced with it in the future.

These symptoms can be so distressing and uncomfortable that you may develop 'a fear of the fear'. Accessing the unconscious mind through hypnotherapy allows you to disconnect the habitual thoughts and behaviours that have overstayed their welcome which can be sent back into the past where they belong.

These old, unwanted patterns of behaviour can be replaced with new, desired, positive behaviours. The idea is to starve them out instead of feeding them. Gradually they will disappear and allow you to create a new positive reality.

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