Harley Street Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

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Are you experiencing anxiety, panic, stress, fear or worry? The combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy helps you confront your fears and alleviate the power they have over you.

We can grasp fears with our minds, but anxiety grips us from within. Anxiety is not a condition - it's a symptom. The brain is signalling that something is not right. Don't allow yourself to enter victim mode.

Fear is a bully and if you face it, it backs down.



The brain creates a 'pattern matching' response. In other words, it becomes coded through its previous memories and experiences and therefore expects the same response to the panic trigger when faced with it in the future. These symptoms can be so distressing and uncomfortable that you may develop a fear of panic attacks - 'a fear of the fear'.

We can grasp fears with our minds, but anxiety grips us from within. This is a panic attack, and the accompanying anxiety is a total comprehensive, all-embracing, permanent threat.

One of the greatest anxieties is not knowing how long this state of panic will last. If we knew it was temporary and would pass in seconds, it might become more tolerable. But because we have no way of knowing that, the fear inside rises.

Unless it is dealt with, this unfathomable anxiety is permanent; it does not pass away, because it arises from within ourselves, not from situations in the world.

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