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Low Self Esteem? No confidence? The combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy empowers you to become more confident. Hypnosis can boost your self esteem..

The way we see ourselves mirrors the way others see us. Comfortable confidence means you don’t change yourself to fit in, you are comfortable with who you are. You know your strengths and your limitations. As your inner confidence emerges, you become your authentic, real self.


The need to belong to a group of people is one of the most fundamental human needs. Our society is organised into groups. From the day we start school, we are divided into classrooms, and from then on we join clubs, work for companies, organise associations, sit on committees, belong to political parties: political leaders - whether presidents or prime minister - gather a group of senior political advisors around them and call it a cabinet. The most established group is of course, the family group.


When a person cannot find a group with which they can identify, they become the aberration, the loner. History is filled with such outcasts, people who lived on the edge of society, sometimes because their beliefs set them apart from their neighbours, or they were rejected because they were somehow different, whether in appearance or outlook.

Some took pride in their differences, perhaps set up their own group and became its leader, creating a new community which they found comfortable. These new leaders who refused unquestioning compliance with the status quo may have caused themselves all kinds of difficulties and even cost some their lives. …Click here to learn more or contact me


Being different, or alone, can also mean being unsuitable, unacceptable and unlovable. We are motivated by the same forces that drove our ancestors to either rebel or comply. We do want to be liked and to stand out as different requires self-confidence.

The person we present to the outside world is not necessarily the person we feel like inside at the very core of our being. We try and merge into one group or another, never really fitting any one of them very well. On the outside our façade may send out strong confident signals but inside we feel like jelly.

Being alone can mean being lonely: but it can also mean being complete in yourself, content with your own company. It can signify that your mind and body are synchronised, running along the same track. You may not slot neatly into a category or belong to a group of like-minded people. But you do belong to yourself.

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