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Are you experiencing anxiety, panic, stress, fear or worry? The combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy helps you confront your fears and alleviate the power they have over you.

We can grasp fears with our minds, but anxiety grips us from within. Anxiety is not a condition - it's a symptom. The brain is signalling that something is not right. Don't allow yourself to enter victim mode.

Fear is a bully and if you face it, it backs down.


We can grasp fears with our minds, but anxiety grips us from within. Whether the cause is real or imagined, the fear itself is so overwhelming that sufferers often go on to develop a fear of their fear.


Anxiety and panic are not conditions, they are symptoms - and reflect the levels of stress in someone's life. It's the brain signalling that all is not well. Normal fears are straightforward and logical. When panic follows the anxiety, it means your body is having a physical response to an emotionally charged situation.

Fight or flight syndrome goes back millions of years. Imagine a cavemen seeing a dinosaur and his mind would be filled with terror. This sent a flood of adrenaline flushing through his system, helping him run faster or fight harder. Today the human mind still retains the capacity to have an impact on the physical body.

Obviously, it can be a very useful response. But in today's world, faced with stress we cannot identify, our body still prepares itself just as it has done for generations, releasing a surge of adrenaline into our bloodstream. This is free-floating stress or anxiety and can happen without us knowing why we are anxious and unhappy. This is like fighting shadows and so you look around for reasons, often blaming it on situations, people or objects.

Life will always throw up problems and we cannot know when or what they are. But what we can learn is how to change the way we deal with them.

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