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My hypnotherapy sessions are aimed at freeing people to enjoy a new, healthier, happier life. This can mean finding new ways of dealing with all the worries and constraints that have got in the way and prevented that person from being the best they can be.

We all worry about different things. Some are small and insignificant to others, but enormous to the worrier. This distortion makes the problem hard to endure.

Making it 'right-size ', bringing it into the present day, dilutes its impact. This releases the problem and it also releases the person from their emotional prison.

I advise clients to live with a minimum of 'shoulds' and 'oughts', worrying less about what others think, trusting their own intelligence instead.


Why not decide this is the time for hypnotherapy to make positive life-enhancing changes?

You can contact me directly or through the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, on any of the telephone numbers below or send an email.


The first session is always two hours as I like to take a thorough case history before beginning any therapeutic hypnotherapy. After that, subsequent appointments are 90 minutes. I tend to see people on a fortnightly basis, rather than one-hour a week. I find that much more can be achieved with a little more time - one hour goes so quickly - and it also works out less expensive for you.

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy

Also, I never book more than four sessions in advance but that said, you may not even need four. This is because four sessions takes you through eight weeks and at the end of that time, most people will see substantial changes. At that point, I like to review the situation with you. I often find people don't need to attend on a regular basis, if at all, or maybe find a session once a month or once every couple of months might be enough. All this can be assessed on an individual basis.


Clients can ring me any day after 1pm. It is part of the package and you are not abandoned between sessions and should feel free to call? I also send email reminders out after each session as it can be difficult to remember everything afterwards.


I should point out that I do not take credit cards now because they proved too expensive, for myself and ultimately, for you. Payment can be cash, cheque or over the internet directly.


There is no charge for cancellations where there is at least 24 hours' notice. Anything less than 24 hours automatically incurs a cancellation fee of 50.


Mike, my husband, handles all bookings and you can ring him on our landline or email him, details below. Incidentally, everything you and I discuss is absolutely confidential and all he knows is that you want an appointment. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. I will be happy to help further.

Harley Street


E. mikeappleton36@gmail.com
T. 01932 868841
M. 07836 506224

E. luluappleton@gmail.com
T. 01932 868841
M. 07836 334556
Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic
7 Harley Street,
London W1G 9QD

Clients can also be seen in Cobham, Surrey by arrangement.

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