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Difficulty losing weight? The combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy for weight loss is a powerful technique to overcome food issues and lose weight. You really want to be slimmer. You know what gets in the way. Why can't you stop doing something you don't want to want to do anymore? Hypnotherapy can get you to where you want to be, once and for all.

Hypnotherapy shows you how to embrace food and make it work for you - not against you. Food is a friend, not an enemy. It's the fuel that powers you around your day. You CAN lose weight, look forward to meals and enjoy them. You CAN get back to normal.


Losing weight

The latest eating plan involves dieting for just two, non-consecutive days, each week. It's immediately appealing because it removes that relentless factor that is often the major discouraging feature with weight loss.

The idea of focussing your energy and discipline for just two days' in one week comes as a huge relief. You donít have to restrict yourself day in and day out, desperately drawing on reserves of will-power. In fact, it's not even a fast. On those two days you just cut back to around 500 calories. No one has to starve and for the remainder of the week, you just eat healthily.

This is where hypnotherapy can really help and support you. Any doubts about those fasting days can be lifted so you deal with them easily and effortlessly.

A miracle? Maybe. It's certainly a gift idea worth considering because not only do you lose weight fast, but you benefit from this planís enormous health improving potential too.

If you have been trying to slim without much success, you may be suffering from 'diet fatigue' in which the idea of yet another slimming regime makes you feel miserable.

You may find food dominates your thoughts and you have good days and bad days. You may have days when you overeat to comfort yourself, unhappy because you haven't lost weight. You may have an understandable reluctance to begin yet another diet.

Hypnotherapy can access your unconscious mind and help you overcome whatever has held you back in the past, and as you find yourself losing weight you become more and more confident.

As the weight comes off, you will feel terrific. All the issues linked to food which have dominated your thoughts, just drop away because now food is no longer a problem. You may be surprised at how effective this plan really is and will hardly believe how well it works. But the facts are undeniable and you will see that now you are really, finally, losing weight.

Specialised hypnotherapy, tailored to your individual needs, will support you so you will finally believe you can lose weight once and for all. You will realise too, what you always knew deep down - that losing weight can make you feel wonderful.

It's not magic. We work at this together. That's why it works.

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